Gratitude, Pure Gratefulness.

The month of October was a gratitude month for me where I wrote a journal for each day and why I was gratitude. Looking at it now I realise I am such a darn, lucky person!

I am free

And I had many opportunities last month to play the game but I am exceptionally grateful to take a moment and map out what I really want and what the next steps should be for me… it’s an exciting time now and I am unsure of where things will head but I have a pretty good idea of the path that lies ahead of me. I have a feeling 2016 is gonna be effing epic and I just cannot wait!

Bring on the excitement of the life ahead and the journey ahead… the change this week alone has been terrifying, tough and exciting and I keep feeling this is just the calm before the real storm and I know it’s gonna be tough but I am ready for the challenge… BRING IT ON!


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