Influenced or not…

As we get older, we are always taught to think for your own, not to care about what others think, follow our gut, believe our instinct and so on… Truly, they all make sense, self esteem, having faith in our decisions and making our own choices are important.

However, I wonder if it is truly possible to not be influenced by the people around us. If that was the case, why do the 5 people we spend the most time with affect us? If that was so, why do we hope our families get along? if that was the case, why are we all not completely selfish? Inately, it is because we are human and we don’t like to be all on our own and as a community, we genuinely look out for each other.

The other way, I was chatting about certain decisions I have made in my life and how things have worked out.. I would love to say I made the decisions all by myself and was not affected by the comments others made but that would be lying to myself. I was, am and almost definitely will be affected by what people think but I think as I get older, I have the ability to discern who are the people who truly matter- as life happens, some of my closest friends are not the ones I see most often, nor are they the peeps I speak to the most and there are others I have become very close to and care loads about but I know which camp impacts certain decisions for me more than the others.

With so many self empowering slogans flying around, I think we need to take a moment to reflect on all the support we get from everyone else and how weak we would be without them on our sides! Thank you to those of you who mean the world to me, who genuinely care, who truly want the best for me and still the best ones to go out on the tiles with. Love you all! x

good friends & real friends


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