The balance of the good hearted moaners!

The other day, I was chatting to this couple with whom I have become very good friends- we were realising how friendships have changed and how some we thought would always be around are no longer important, cherished, easy or possible.

It basically got us talking about the different philosophies we all choose to decide who to stay with and who to avoid… and I spoke of the dilemma I had gone through a few months ago where during my cull, I had realised there are some people I quite like, who mean well and are genuinely nice people but just not the ones I want to spend a lot of time with as they can be rather dull or stubborn and more often than not, end up complaining loads. A tricky one eh… how does it all balance up and I found the easiest solution was to reduce the amount of time I spent with them, switch off the brain that gets irked up and just stay calm till I get home and punch a pillow or breathe deeply on the walk home or do the forgiving exercise until I am comfortable enough with it.

Am I doing the right thing or this is the philosophy to follow… I dunno but it works for me, it allows me to keep good people around me in a way I like… all about the balance!

Focus on those who make you smile


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