Some days are just beauty!

There are days and then there are days we always remember.
I had a great day yesterday with 4 friends at different times and some time with Red, while getting a lot of work done…
That was beautiful- productive, enlightening, loving and beautiful.

But today- today is a BEAUTY!
I am tired, I slept little, woke up early…
I enjoyed some beautiful people watching with a cup of tea by the canal in the wee hours
I meditated and took some me time
I did yoga
And had 2 amazing meetings!

There’s some fantastic people out there, there are great conversations to be had but I truly wish I could bottle this euphoria, this feeling of calm, this feeling of excitement, this feeling of love and this feeling of achievement. It partly comes from a realisation that 3 years ago I started a form of meditation focusing on the life I wanted in about 3 years and today, I have 80% of it- the 80% that truly matters but it comes mostly from a place deep within that I am not sure even has a name… I hope we all have many more beautiful days like these in the many years to come!

Thank you world for this wonderful experience and feeling I am so blessed to enjoy 🙂

EDIT: Added afterwords

Today I reached out to TL to congratulate him and ended up reading some of the past messages we had shared when we were dating. I am so lucky to have dated such great guys- yes, it didn’t work out with them but they are such fantastic people and I feel lucky and honoured to still have them in my life in some part, however tiny and minimal it truly is!


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