Dec 29, Monday: Gratitude

And I am back- hope you have been having a fabulous break 🙂

1. Comfort
Comfortable clothes, comfortable surroundings, comfortable in your own skin and the sort of comfortable behaving that comes from love, knowing each other well and being good friends- the past few days have been aglow with a sort of light that reeks of love, happiness and comfort. To be able to feel like and even more so, realise it, is definitely something to be grateful for!

2. Good hair and skin
Over the last while, I have experimented with a lot of different products, diets etc and I seem to have found a way to keep my hair thick and full and my skin clean and glowing- exercise and diet play a hugely important part for sure but simple products like coconut oil, yoghurt, herbs etc are pretty awesome. Knowing how to use them is a definite advantage.

3. Relaxing
Christmas wouldn’t be christmas without a few days of just chilling and relaxing thrown in- we have had some epic 5 am parties in the last week but also afternoon snoozes that lasted for hours, sitting on the couch etc etc etc- yeah baby, snoozing, fires, cups of tea and just chilling are a good way to be. Boo yeah!


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