It’s 14 years- 14 years of life without a father and I am very lucky
– very lucky to not have someone around me who would have tried to control my life
– very lucky to not be around someone with antiquated thinking, despite his intelligence
– very lucky to have so many other male role models who stepped forward

I know I am lucky but in no way does it make it easier.

There are two people you expect to always support you, to always be there, to envelop you with a bear hug, to pick you up when you are down, to unconditionally love you- your mum and dad. Every one else is someone you choose to give that power to.

I have dealt with it, I have the power to get on with life and I have overcome every situation it has placed in my path, but I miss him.

I don’t miss a father, I miss dad. And for all intents and purposes, he is dead to me but wherever he is- I wish him well, I hope he is at peace and at least, somewhere deep down he found the feeling of contentment he was looking for.

girl and flowers


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