Dec 9, Tuesday: A Beautiful Memory

This is a memory that never actually happened- for some reason, I still talk of it as if it did!

Many moons ago, when I broke up with TL, I recall Ryan and me talking about some stuff. One evening, we were discussing the company and I had given a lot of advice (as we both did to each other then) on business etc. When he learnt I was not coming to visit Dublin the next month as was my original plan, he decided to come to India- the way the cheap flights worked out for him meant he would be here for my first time seeing TL since our break up and TL’s father’s birthday which I was invited to.

He arrived on a Saturday and for some reason, I claim he only decided on a Wednesday and arrived 3 days later to support me.

Today, I have good memories of that trip but I do genuinely wonder what made me make up such a story?!


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