Nov 20, Thursday: Letter

Dear Terrifying Teacher

When we were kids, we were scared of you. People used to quiver when they heard your name, people used to hide when you walked anywhere and yes, I was among the group too.

But, somehow I was picked by you to nourished that little bit more. I was polished by you, goaded by you, showered love, attention and anger, pushed to the edges and brought back before I snapped- well mostly, I did snap bad and I love the fact that after all these years, I still think of you so fondly and know if our paths ever cross, we will still hug tight, we will share a strong bond and we will gossip about everything- I look forward to that whenever the time may be so!

For now, I hope you know your work was not wasted and I appreciate the fact that you decided to polish this piece of coal so much more.



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