I want, yes WANT, a few things in life.

wonderful– I want happiness- not the concept that we seem to be talking everywhere but my own version of it- doing things only because I want to and not cos I have to. I started this about 2 years ago and it was the BEST thing I ever did.

– I want genuine people- I have blinders towards people who are gonna be racists, jealous, demotivating and immoral- still will be civil and will maintain the relationship I feel it befits but I may not genuinely trust or care for you the way you may think you deserve from me.

– I want health- doesn’t mean skinny- I haven’t had that for years, but I want to continue my long walks, my sporadic swimming, my even more sporadic yoga, my healthy eating buzz, my clean living lifestyle and tonnes of meditation!

– I want enough- enough love, enough money, enough sleep, enough work, enough things to do, enough books to read, enough of everything I may need. I want to be able to buy whatever I want without having to worry of cash, I want to be able to spend on whoever I want to spend it on without worrying.

– I want a home- not a big house or anything per se, just something comfortable and full of love- somewhere people like coming to, somewhere we have fun, somewhere we shares laughs and many special moments but never feel it is too cramped.

I want a lot yet not a huge amount. I am looking forward to all this unfolding in my life!



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