Nov 17, Monday: Gratitude

1. Friends
As time has gone by- I have genuinely learnt the worth of 5 awesome friends vs 50 good ones, even if those 5 awesome aren’t always around for me and drive me nuts! In the last while, I am reminded how lucky I am- despite getting pissed off with Ryan for jumping to conclusions & not wanting to clear the air, feeling abused by Jiju’s saali who thinks I have all the time on earth to do her work but none when I need help, a little underwhelmed by The Shrew for not having any time when I need advice, feeling exceptionally angry at one of the guys for wanting me to help with something non urgent that he was meant to do and messed up his time management (not as a request but an order!). I am so lucky to have the friends who will bring me homemade cocktails for a b!tch session, friends who will help me change lights in my car where I can’t reach or friends who help me strike the balance with give and take!

2. Rant
A good rant (See above) is awesome. I love it- get it out of the system and let it go… once gone, it can’t fester.

3. Exercise
A good stretch, a bit of a sweat, sore arms, feeling the muscles… yeah, it’s nice to be able to do that, feel that and enjoy that!

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