Oct 28, Tuesday: Beautiful Moment

And I am back!! Miss me? 😉

So… with the day that it is- cold, miserable and wet, I am craving a bit of duveting with hot chocolates and soups! Alas, not to be.

I have a crazy busy day of getting myself fixed up for a very important meeting- preparing, reading, makeuping, hairstyling and things that take me ages but make for the right impact… I am transported back to the days of pure relaxation and today, I am transported back to the moment with Winnie, sitting in a beach, water lapping up against us, not a soul in sight, perfect weather and high on the surroundings and life- I am reliving the moment and re-enjoying the absolute joy of travel, contentment and being in the presence.

Take a moment and go back to your very own moment of pure bliss- it makes up for the slight dip in your day! Have a happy Tuesday xx


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