Oct 14, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I suffer from a terrible auto-immune disease called eczema. For the most part, I know how to keep it under control.

I thought I was doing a good job till I saw it everywhere on my chest and upper half of the body- over the next wile, I am going to cleanse my eating habits and clear the itch or so I hope. I am going to change shampoos and cleaners etc but the more interesting thing is that I was reading about it and apparently, it is connected to ‘loving oneself’.

Here, I thought I was doing really well- regular massages, good food, exercise, love, friends, working for self and genuinely enjoying life but obviously, somewhere I am lying to myself.

As I realise this, I also realise I have had many beautiful moments of realisation over the years and each one has been amazingly special:

– realisation that something is awesome in my life
– realisation I needed a change at certain times
– realisation of good friends and not so good
– realisation of love and respect
– realisation of happiness

All these realisations sometimes open a scary door but it always leads to a better path and eventually, forms a beautiful moment.

Happy Tuesday!


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