Sep 25, Thursday: Letter

To everyone who has ever rubbed me the wrong way

I am sorry. This letter is to apologise for me being an idiot, for me being immature and for me focusing on myself.

I realise now I was being high up on my moral ground or some other ground and looking down at you potentially. I realise something else was upsetting me and you were an easy target. I realise I expect certain standards and believe everyone else has the same focus. I realise I may not have even meant it but I managed to hurt you.

And I realise you may have had exactly the same thing at the time you upset me.

I want to let this be my public apology to all, whether they know who I am, whether they read me here or not- I apologise, I am sorry and I forgive you.

Thank you- thank you for teaching me this lesson, thank you for having had an impact to my life and thank you for letting me add some to yours.

Love to all,


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