Aug 11, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
I am lucky- lucky to be loved the way I am, lucky to love the people I do, lucky to have the love in my life. Love is like oxygen and I am so very lucky to have it in my life. And yes, I still want a puppy for the unconditional love too!

2. Money
When things are slightly tough and tight, being able to spend money is a plus. In fact, I started a treat wallet for myself- I need to put in it the leftover from my budget every week and can only spend it on extravagance- nothing like just a weekend away or festivals or anything- a designer pair of shoes, bags or spa break kinda thing. I am looking forward to making the most of this for myself.

3. Visualise
Being able to imagine things in my brain about they would look and then seeing them work out is always good. A simple example is my new room and the way I visualised it is very different to the way anyone else would have used it! Being different is also something to be grateful for but seeing a visualised concept taking shape is way cooler 🙂

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