Aug 5, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Last week I went to see a play about the lady who was brutally assaulted in many ways in Delhi a few years ago. I was upset and disturbed on many levels- not the fact that I used to do that route many times, not the fact that it was less than 5km from my house, not the fact that it could have been anyone I know but the fact that there are so many others who don’t speak up and go through it every single day, globally.

The day I spoke up about my experiences, the day I took charge of them and didn’t wear them as a badge of shame, the day I accepted it was a beautiful moment- it took me years to get to it but when I did, I am glad I did!

To the men who had a part in this- you have been forgiven but not forgotten and I certainly wish no woman in your family has to endure this!

All the best.



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4 responses to “Aug 5, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

  1. I dont think any woman should go through any of it. No one has the right. I think perhaps, castration is the right punishment for these heinous crimes. Maybe that works as a deterrent coz nothing else seems to be. It is extremely sad.

    • I think society should have some sort of a response to the situation, yes but alas, it seems we have to take it into our own hands! Castration is tempting but you know what, it doesn’t kill the issue at the very roots.

      • Fixing the roots is a long process, years will be the measurement scale. But, girls are going through this at the rate of day, if nt by the hours. So, we need solutions both quick and for long-term. If one doesn’t fit both, maybe two different meeting the needs.

      • True words! I like the idea of two solutions meeting in the middle!

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