Aug 1, Weekly Achievement and Aug 4, Gratitude

Aug 1, Friday: Weekly Achievements:

1. Spent a lot of time walking, playing, hanging out with a dog
2. Had a great time with my new housemates
3. Managed to get an outfit ready for a wedding with very little available to me

Aug 4, Monday: Gratitude:

How I miss those days- we take it for granted but I am certainly beginning to feel the changes and am definitely older. With it comes wisdom, the ability to not drink as much, the post party fatigue but I have to be grateful for the youth I have enjoyed and for the fun I still enjoy when I behave more youthful than I should.

You gotta love these furry creatures. They love you in ways that one cannot even imagine! They are awesome.

Ability to forgive
Being compassionate is not always easy, being able to forgive even less so and I am glad that I find it easy to forgive people in order to move on!


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