Jul 24, Thursday: Letter

Dear A

it’s off after so many years you feature in my thoughts but you do. We had friends in common when you came into my life even though that’s not how we met. We liked the same guys and shared stories on crushes, discussed all things teenage and became friends till you started accusing me of sabotaging your school career least realising I did nothing as I really couldn’t be arsed to and because I was too naive to be manipulative! I wish we hadn’t parted on such terrible terms.

We ended up in college together and people assumed we were besties. We tried hard but neither of us was willing to let the ego go- today, I wish we could sit and enjoy a coffee so next time you are looking down over earth, raise me a toast and I will respond!

The world is a sadder place without you. Glad our paths crossed.



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4 responses to “Jul 24, Thursday: Letter

  1. Sometimes, it is important to let go of the ego and take the first step, rather than wait n wish. I did it and I am glad I did. 🙂 All the best!

    • Amen to that- but sometimes, you have to wait for the other person to get off their ego kick before you can let go too. Looking back, I have no regrets in the way I behaved but still, there is an acknowledgement that yes, our egos were too big around each other. C’est la vie.

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