Jul 22, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Yesterday, friends and I were talking of pets and I was reminded of a moment with my first dog ever.

We were out playing one evening as we did almost every day- rain, sunshine, wind- nothing stopped us going out (much to the adults’ frustration!). It was during the  monsoons and there were frogs EVERYWHERE! The dog being curious, decided to eat a frog- in reality, she only swallowed it. The memory of her retching up a few minutes ago is not very pretty but the look of confusion on her face, the look of amazement of my friends and me is something I would never forget- ‘cos as she was throwing up, the frog came out and leaped away as if nothing had happened.

Some 20+ years on, I still wonder if that scarred the poor frog for life!

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Filed under Family, Friends, Weekly Memory

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