Jul 15, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Today, I am minding a friend’s house while she is on holidays and at the same time, keeping an eye on her dog- playing, grooming, feeding, walking- you know the drill.

I was reminded the first time I did it 14 years ago- I was so naive, I didn’t know the rules and the non rules, I didn’t know what to take and not take etc etc etc- I thought over the years, I had matured but turns out…. I really haven’t- I am still not sure what the rules of the game are!

I do know all her spices and kitchen are mine, I brought my own bar with me and have locked the offices and their personal space up- fair enough, yeah? If I leave them with cookies when they arrive and a bottle of bubbles in the fridge, they can have a bitta treat coming home too… and flowers, obviously. That’s right, yeah?

Either way, I love the fact that these moments also remind me how much my friends trust me and care for me. I am totally overjoyed by it all!

That’s for my Tuesday moment. A decade on but still naive 😉

Love x


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