Jul 7, Monday: Gratitude

1. Inclusion
Every relationship has some level of inclusion in the other person’s life. I have been included in many others deviously but the way Red has included me in his was very evident this weekend, where I spent the whole weekend living his life and not really mine. But to have never felt an interloper, to have never felt an intruder, to have never felt like I was walking on egg shells but to have felt like an equal whose wishes and considerations were being taken into account is a pretty awesome way to be! Thanks for the way you have made me a part of your life by making it our life.

2. Dogs
Ever since I moved out of my previous house, I have really missed Candy’s dog- despite her silliness, despite her laziness, despite everything else, she was pretty awesome and I miss hanging out with her. I spent the weekend with 2 crazy spaniels and am gonna mind a German Shephard for a friend for 2.5 weeks- very excited!

3. Dragons
Went to see ‘How to train a dragon 2’ last night and I am in love with dragons all over again! I love them dragons- cute, fire spitting, flying machines that they are.

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