Jul 1, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Well, it is almost 4 years since I started the blog.

Over these years, it has taken quite a journey- started from a daily diary to almost a pure rant space per chance to a place for random thoughts to a place for my daily reflection to a place for hope and courage for others- it has been the place I come to be me.

It has been a strength for me, a sense of anonymity in some ways, a read for many people and it has reached out to many, if the emails and comments are anything to go by- from days where practically no one read my blog and that was the original hope to having almost 350 regular subscribers and about 100 other daily visitors, I am absolutely delighted that my words are getting some recognition- in many ways, it shows, if you do something, you stick with it, you get the traction!

Thank you all for being part of the journey and being a part of the moment of the week. Love to you all.


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