Jun 16, Monday: Gratitude

1. My Sounding Boards
Be it my mother, her boyfriend, Red, Shrew, Lady or some of the other people in my life- I am so glad they are there. I have been very lucky that when some of the people I am used to having around get busier with aspects in their lives, someone else enters. So lucky to understand that people can’t always focus on me and so glad that when they can, they do! Thank you all- I always need your love and strength and hope in return I can be there for you and others who need it!

2. Music
Every so often, I am reminded I don’t do enough in music- in terms of listening, exploring, going to gigs and then all of a sudden, I immerse back into it- I am so glad to have the option to do so and to enjoy the melodies of sound!

3. Sleep
As I am so short on sleep, every nap, every snooze, every night of sleep I get is such a  bonus- I love sleep! Zzzz’s are awesome!!

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