Jun 9, Monday: Gratitude

1. Love
Exactly 18 years was the first time I acknowledged I was in love for the first time ever- it was with FL, he meant loads to me as a friend, as a boyfriend (the way one can at that age!) and as the first person I ever truly wanted to be in a bubble with. Today, many years later, many boyfriends later, I am lucky to have that sort of love again. However, what is amazing is the love I also have in the form of friends and family. Lucky, lucky me. Thank you all.

2. Excitement and Opportunities
As I am coming up to the most exciting phase of my life so far, where I am making plans that could affect my whole life, I am full of the prospects ahead, the optimism of it all working it, the potential in life itself- certainly very exciting, did I mention VERY?

3. Values
Mid conversation regarding something this weekend, we were discussing the value system and the core beliefs each person has. I am delighted I have the ones I do- even if they tend to cause me pain cos I (irrationally) expect others to have the same. They have made me the person I am, they have stood by me through test of time and they have never deterred through my highs and my lows- it’s like that set of few friends I have- they have just been there, no matter what.



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2 responses to “Jun 9, Monday: Gratitude

  1. Good place to be in… 🙂

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