So, last week, I went back to Barcelona after a good few years… I am not gonna talk of the touristy things really but just a few observations:

1. They really don’t give a damn that you are a customer
I have been to the Sagrada Familia Basilica but never up the tower- we queued, we got a ticket, we went in- their lift broke- we were refunded for not being able to go up the tower (€5) but not for the basilica (€15) that we anyway didn’t want to do. We were willing to come back the next day but would have had to pay the €15 again. The price is high enough but the principle and their lack of wanting to help the customers out is not. This “we don’t care” attitude is EVERYWHERE in Spain- they genuinely don’t care, don’t take it personally.

2. Queues are long
We went not in the peak of it all but even then, extremely long queues!
And after the ticket queue, you may have another long queue or at least a long wait- no fun. Get your ticket online- does put a damper on a holiday when you have to be at a certain place at a certain time but worth the hassle you save yourself.

3. Don’t eat in the Ramblas
Pretty easy to spot why- all the restaurants have images of the food, everything is sub-par (in fairness, we didn’t really eat it but it looked rank!) and the prices are insanely high- a bottle of water was €4 when we had been getting bottles of cava for €12 in other places!

Anyway, Barcelona remains one of my favourite cities and I had an absolute blast. If you can not let these things bother you, you are in for a treat!

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