May 20, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Having just come back from a weekend in Barcelona, I think my favourite memory was when I realised how easy it is to get away over the weekends.

One year, SL and I made a resolution to get out of the city at least once a month- and we did- 12 new places or 12 different places as some were places either or both had been to before. It just meant there was always something different to look forward to, something new to explore and something exciting to talk about!

This year, Red and I have made a similar resolution- however, this one involves a different experience outside the areas we live in every 8 weeks- so far, we have managed it every month and in fact, managed some new experiences within our cities too. Boo yeah.

I love life when there is always something fun happening! And I think there should be something fun happening ALL the time!


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