May 15, Thursday: Letter

Dear Father’s Younger Brother,

Where do I start?! When I was a kid, you were always the frowny one. When we became neighbours, you still had our own fixed ways and didn’t budge. However, somewhere along the way we had fun. But then, from an Indian family perspective, you as the then head of the family, did the unthinkable- you shirked your responsibility towards my mother and me when your brother left us in a soup. Not only that, when your daughter was getting married, instead of showing the grace my mother did, you took pleasure in putting me down at every opportunity. Now, you and the rest of the family feel you have a right to disperse any claim or opinion on anything I do… not sure why?!

However, we are bound by blood but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing childhood memories, thank you for teaching me what sort of an aunt not to be, thank you for teaching me humility and grace when I least wanted to exercise it, thank you for giving me the motivation to succeed to prove you wrong time and again, thank you for making me realise how lucky I am to be in the position I am in and thank you for showing me the power of forgiveness because today I release you, I forgive you. I want you to know that I bear no grudge any more, hold no sorrow in my heart any more and certainly don’t want to have any negativity towards you or any of the family. Also, I apologise- I apologise for being the confident lady that I am, I apologise for not following the traditions, I apologise for not conforming to the society norms, I apologise for doing my own thing, I apologise for following my dreams but most of all, I apologise for all the pain and hurt I may have caused along the way.

I love you, I forgive you, I thank you and I am sorry. Go in peace.


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