May 13, Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

So, I just realised I have been doing these daily posts for over a year- wahay! Go me 🙂

Last weekend, I was a spoilt girl- I was pampered, I was loved and I was made to feel more special than anyone else. It was absolutely fantastic!

As part of the weekend, we went for a walk in a beautiful wood- potentially my best bit of the weekend, despite the beautiful fishermen cabin we took refuge in, the 4 poster bed in our lovely huge suite, the massive 2 person bath, the breakfast in bed… the wood was unexpected and a pure surprise- being on the edge of Connemara, it may not always get the attention it may sometimes deserve but wow- it was beautiful.

While walking through the woods, I was reminded of the time my younger brother and I used to go climbing down into the rocky terrains behind our houses where now exist some of the most expensive malls in the city! We used to do early morning walks with a little bottle of water and sometimes a sandwich, come back covered in thorns and bruises but always had a good time!

That also became the place where we used to go for our midnight drinking in the teenage years. How a certain spot remains entwined in our lives through the many phases is amusing! It’s as if the spot grew with us.


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