May 8, Thursday: Letter

Dear old friends,

Our paths may have diverged but once upon a time we were close, we laughed, we giggled, we probably fought. I don’t want to force a friendship where there is none- you have moved on and so have I- we stopped having things in common, we maybe stopped talking often, we just got busy with lives- not sure what happened but somewhere along the line we went from being friends to acquaintances but we remain acquaintances with a past, a history, a time we should both remember.

There are many of you in my life who fit this bill, there are many of you in my life who will fit the bill, I just want to wish each of you the VERY best of luck, THANK you for all the good times/ the bad times/ the happy times/ the sad times, FORGIVE you for any pain you may have caused me, APOLOGISE for any thing I may have done to cause you hurt but most of all to let you know, no matter where you are I still LOVE you.


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