Givers and Takers

Over the last few days, I am realising that I have managed to surround myself with more takers than givers which automatically makes me a giver… somehow, this is now causing me a little bit of resentment, anger and frustration!

I know the only person to blame here is me- it is my expectation, my silly hope, my stupid idea of believing in change and falling hook, like, sinker every single time. I now understand the romantics a lot better!! A part of me wants to believe it is not a lack of self respect but I do think it could be- every time I plan to move on from such a friendship, I seem to be sucked right back into it!!

Ah sure, one of these days, I will hopefully learn!

dont be unsure

And if you are sure you are not really on their priority list, re-evaluate if they should be on yours!



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2 responses to “Givers and Takers

  1. Hi There. Came to your blog today, and have been reading it all. Great blog. I shouldn’t be giving any negative comment (n dat too, first one!? Bah!) but I’ll say it anyways. You know, as per Indian scriptures, one should give without thinking of getting anything in return. In modern day, I perceive it as that if in a friendship, you can always identify yourself as the giver/taker, then it’s not a great friendship to have. I think we both meet on this point that such friendships should not be kept and just be let go.

    • Hi Hope

      Welcome to my blog!
      I absolutely agree one shouldn’t keep a track of the giving and taking in a friendship but if a friendship is completely one way, is it truly a friendship? And I think that was the point of my rant. As you yourself said, those are the sort of friendships to let go!

      I think I was coming from a place where I was reminding myself to let go because I dislike doing that… one becomes a friend for a reason. And it’s tough to just let it be… 😦

      PS not a negative comment at all, glad you made the effort. Thank yoU!

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