May 6, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Many years ago, I met a guy I had only interacted with online through an organisation we both worked for in person- everyone thought we would hit it off and get together, there were all sorts of stories doing the round.

I suppose, back in 1999/2000, that was to some extent what was to become the basis of internet dating.

So anyway, we met and yeah, we kinda got along but we were nowhere gonna be the mates everyone expected, we couldn’t really see eye to eye on things and so on. To top it all, he only had $10 for his entire India stay- seriously, talk about being completely misinformed and unprepared. It may not have been an easy visit from a friend but it certainly makes me chuckle so many years on when I think of it!

We have since lost contact and sometimes, I do wonder how he is doing and what he is up to now! 🙂


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