April 21 & April 22: Catching up!

April 21, Monday: Gratitude

1. Weekend
This weekend was crazy- I went to a ‘small’ 200 people festival- great fun, all night madness and all sorts of silliness! And then a small weekend break away in the country for the other 2 nights. Gotta love a long weekend.

2. Chats
The very bone of a friendship- without deep, meaningful conversations, without chats, without conversations, a friendship is pretty useless. I had some good chats the past few days!

3. Passion
And not just the kind of passion for between the sheets- a passion to succeed, a passion to enjoy life, a passion to be me!

April 22, Tuesday: Beautiful Moment

For some reason, the last few days I have been thinking of the first school trip I ever went on. It was my first time away from my parents for longer than a night and it was scary but fun- I learnt loads, I saw loads and I had my set of giggles dressing up as ghosts and gatecrashing the teacher’s lounges and what not. I also recall I was the only person in the whole trip without a “best friend” but obviously, even then, I liked to be independent and do my own thing!

Maybe that’s what instilled my independence and travel bug into me?!


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