April 14, Monday: Gratitude

1. My blog
Having this space to rant, to vent, to b!tch, to scream, to be myself is proving to be one of the best decisions I made almost 5 years ago! It has been a wonderful place for me to hide from the physical world for a while and I am so glad for the people who have reached out to me through it, the conversations and the ability to still not be a constant moaner in real life!

2. Silliness
What is the world if not a bunch of silly moments put together? The past few days have had some very frustrating moments but the silly moments have made up for each of those- be in dancing in my jammies on my bed to being silly on prosecco or being silly by trying to sing! Either which way, I am grateful I can be and I appreciate silliness.

3. Instinct
My gut has always been something I have prided on. I have used it often, especially in business. Over the last while, the decisions I made 3-4 years are beginning to show results. Some are advantageous to me and some others are just good for my ego but I am glad that my instinct has proven to be right yet again!

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