April 7, Monday: Gratitude

Right so, a week of no posts meant I was away from blogging for a while, unexpectedly- busy with work, busy with partying and busy with flu all combined make for a VERY busy Joy- I did however get into the habit of doing a daily gratitude and daily favourite  moment before going to bed (trying to get Red into the habit too- he will be hooked to it soon, I hope!).

Anyhow, my top 3 for the week:

1. Energy
We take it so for granted but when I was wiped out the last while, I realised yet again, health is one thing but clean energy around us and having the energy to enjoy everything is pretty awesome.

2. Red
We went through a bit of small hiccup there recently and when we came out at the other end, it helped me realise yet again how lucky I truly am.

3. Music
Life is so dull without good music. Good music differs for all and it rocks!

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