Mar 4, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

Today, I was doing a little bit of work on one of my business blogs and I got the most number of likes any of our posts have had!

It reminded me of when I started this blog- little did I know I would have 300+ followers or almost 16,000 views per day- sometimes I consider making this more me and taking it public but I think I will lose the honesty and the space for my rants. I do love this blog and I am truly appreciative of all the emails and the love all of you provide- there have been times I have been shown support from far flung places and corners of the world I wouldn’t have imagined.

This blog has been my strength, my place to hide, my place to shout at the world, my place to scream at certain individuals, my place to love, my place to hope and my place to be me- thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey and making me re-live the first comment, the first like, the first email I ever received from here!



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2 responses to “Mar 4, Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

  1. liliandruve


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