January 28 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

You know today my mum dragged me to an astrologer who told me I would have multiple marriages! So I asked him to expand on that and he explained that it meant I would have more than one lover (not necessarily simultaneously- I never have!).

This got me thinking back to my first time. I was older than most in my peer group and I was embarrassed of my lack of experience but I am glad I went through with it when I did- it was a beautiful experience then and is still a beautiful experience. My aunt gave me the best advice ever- “It’s genuinely a beautiful and very natural thing if you do it with someone you love!”

Advice from my experience:
– Don’t do it unless you are truly ready and want to do it
– Don’t bow down to society pressure
– Enjoy each moment of it!
– Experiment
– If you are an emotional wreck like me, avoid one night stands
– Lose yourself in the moment
– Don’t force it- let it happen naturally
AND most importantly, truly experience an orgasm- trust me, you will know when you feel it spasm through your body and take your breath away while making you feel more alive than ever!

Be safe and enjoy x


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