Jan 21 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I am so glad I do this exercise every week cos it’s actuallyt ough to just sit back and remember something without a trigger.

Today, I am going to remember my first pair of heels.

I have had an inate love for heels ever since I was a kid. I remember the first pair I ever wore were my mum’s- she hated me for it- they were your classic 80s style heels- even if Louboutin do a similar pair now:

white heelsI remember feeling so feminine, so cool and so sexy for having a pair!
I remember walking in them, badly.
I remember dancing in them.

And since then, there has been a love affair between heels and me…. I love heels. So much so, the other day Red said “Joy was made for wearing heels”.


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One response to “Jan 21 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

  1. High heels for ever!!! I love heels as well. 😉

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