Beauty Treatments

For the past few days, I have been trying to read up on oatmeal for the skin and have been opened to amazing new remedies and masks.

Here’s one which has 10 amazing ideas– even though I don’t have acne, I love the idea of basil toner, imagine a little cucumber juice, rose water and apple cider vinegar mixed in.

Also, I never knew how amazing cinnamon really is- I tend to use it alot in my cooking/ baking and for tea but rarely in a air mask!

Amazing stuff in our kitchens, I tell thee- go pamper yourself for cheap!

Also, beauty comes from being healthy so if you have excess weight to lose, here’s some non-dieting tips:

weight loss tips



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5 responses to “Beauty Treatments

  1. thanks for sharing. i might try some of them. =)

    • Please do and let me know how you get on with them. I have tried some myself and my skin feels amazing after them.

      My favourite default one is yoghurt, turmeric, honey, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar.

      • god knows how many natural beauty regimens i’ve tried before. some of them leaving me with ridiculously funny and/or tragic consequences. lol.

        i like apple cider vinegar. i used to slather it on my skin and hair but i would only recommend it if you’re not going out ‘coz it left my hair smelling like vinegar. the same awkward embarrassment i felt when i slathered on mayonnaise (yep, the salad dressing kind) on my hair whose smell took daysss to get rid of. hahaha.

        i do have my fair share of natural beauty treatment experiences but that doesn’t really stop me from accumulating more.

        i’m interested in testing out the yoghurt and honey recipe. we’ll see how that goes. hopefully it won’t leave me with breakouts like that one time i went on olive oil as moisturizer…

      • Hopefully it works out for you. I use mayo as a hair mask every couple of months and once shampooed, no smell!

        I do love apple cider vinegar myself- its so good!

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