Wanna try!

I can’t wait to try these homemade bath bombs!

I heart baths- I used to have one twice a week and I now aim for once a week at least but it doesn’t always work out… however, I do realise, I love my bath time- some soft music, some light reading, a good soak and the feel of a fabulous skin after!

My favourite bath mix personally:

yoghurt or milk
epsom salt
eucalyptus oil
sea salt
almond oil drops
a wee bitta savlon
a small amount of apple cider vinegar
rose oil or rose petalsfreshly squeezed lemon

Dry brush before you step in and you are that little bit more susceptible to it!

Make me feel like Cleopatra when I step out! Go on, treat yourself.

cheers to bitches like me



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