Jan 14 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I am currently having massive issues with the current team of a charity whose board I sit on. The past month has been more painful than a million vaccinations simultaneously- exaggeration, yes!

However, when I look back to the year I was running the organisation, I am reminded of the fun times the 5 of us had- the simple pleasures we found in eating Chinese for lunch, going to Eddie Rockets for supper, dressing up Pimps & Hoes and all the other small things.

It was a year that taught me a lot about myself, about cultures, about people and has moulded me into being the person I am. I so hope the current 5 feel that way a decade on about their year too. I hope the frustrations of today are hopefully forgotten today but the highs of yesterday/ today and tomorrow are remembered with fondness, a feeling of achievement and happiness!


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