Jan 5- Last Week

Monday, Dec 30- Gratitude:

– Gifts- I chose them well and I made people happy, I think
– My own bed- Nothing like a few nights in one’s own bed
– Happiness- never to be taken for granted!

Tuesday, Dec 31- A Beautiful Moment

Undoubtedly, drinking on the Pondicherry promenade from juice bottles and enjoying the fresh breeze and the fab moment of peace and pure, unadulterated fun!

Wednesday, Jan 1- The Future

The things I want to achieve this year come down to health, love, a better residence and business.

Thursday, Jan 2- Letter

To My Paternal Granny

I saw your pics at my cousin’s wedding recently and I realised how time has gone by- you have changed, you are now much older than I recall and yet, there is a certain inner peace about you- it is good, it is nice to see you happy. Many of my memories of you are just surviving while you moved from one son to another but since you moved on your own, you are happy and I hope everyone finds such peace and happiness in their lives, despite all the obstacles. In your own way, you taught me independence, the need to enjoy the odd sugar parantha with cream, the acceptance of a changed world and the need to constantly keep adapting. I see you rarely, I speak to you less than I should but in no way does this mean I love or respect any less. Thank you for being the influence that you are.


Friday, Jan 3- The Week Gone By

– Cooked a 6 course dinner with Red for our friends
– Caught up on work that I had been postponing for a while…
– Balanced the sheets for the year gone by!


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