And then 2013 became 2014!

So, as 2013 ends up, I remember the words I said at the beginning of the year: “it promises to be full of promise, optimism, results and achievements!” AND…. I was right- 2013 has been a fantastic year, a year of fun, a year of partying, a year of adventures, a year of learning, a year of love and a year with many laughs. I have had a great year. Thank you 2013.

And hello 2014.

2013 was my ‘foundation year’- it was the turning point year after the terribleness that was 2012. I didn’t like that year and 2013 made it you didn’t leave with the same taste in my mouth. However, I think 2014 has more exciting, even bolder things in store for me. I feel 2014 could be THE year- the year that will really and truly define what I have been working towards for a very long time and if it isn’t, it will almost definitely be the year that will take me closer to it- personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually.

I cannot wait to embrace you closer to me 2014- it’s gonna be a helluva ride so tighten up that seatbelt and kick it off already 🙂

choose happiness


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