Why I love Red

I was out for dinner with Daddy Long Legs earlier today and I realised 2 very important things about why I am so much happier in this relationship than I have ever been in the past. I do realise I may have already said these but it’s always good to have a new reminder 🙂

1. We are two individuals. We go out with others, meet others, talk to different people, acknowledge the presence of the other person but don’t necessarily talk to the other person. When together, we are a unit- we are a strong couple, we deal with our issues and we can be a team when needed but to us our individualities are important. Yes, I am Red’s girlfriend and yes he is my boyfriend (ugh, hate those terms) but we are different people and hope to continue to remain so.

2. He grounds me. I go into flights of fancy and even though he joins me, he adds an elements of practicality. Similarly, he goes off into his flights of fancy and lets me join me. Together we both continue being our mad, quirky selves while knowing when to put a stop for the other person. Well, at least I hope I do the same for him.

Yes, they are not new, they are exclusive to us but they are very important to me and I am glad I got those two! A third but not so important but still fairly important is the fact that he can go from moshing with me in a dirty pit to scrubbing up for a black tie event, if needs be and knows how to hold his own in both those situations.

But the one reason that is not as practical yet overpowers them all is that he makes me laugh.

come out strongerI hope we have the basis to be that sort of a couple and someday, we will get there…. only time will tell!


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