Nov 26 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

I am actually gonna get my negativity about two things out first before I go on to the moment of the day!

I met up with a friend of mine after ages this weekend- he wanted to stay at mine for a few nights- all good. Now, when I stay at a friend’s, I either take them out for dinner or buy a small present or somehow show my appreciation- in this case, I ended up buying more beers and dinner or we went dutch at other times… and when he left, he didn’t say bye as it was early and I thought he was coming back to mine. This left me feeling a little used. However, having known him so many years, I am gonna put this down to jetlag.

And then Chammiya is in Ireland for a while too and I caught up with her. We were having fun, chatting away, she was being her usual obnoxious self and so on but what really p!ssed me off and I mean, really did was when she stated an opinion as a fact. She may not like my style of photography or art or whatever but to make it as a gospel statement saying I am a terrible photographer was something that really hurt. I really didn’t like that- had she said she thought I wasn’t a good photographer, I could have dealt with that- many think that, including Red! Each to their own but no one states it as a way of putting me down. I didn’t like that.

Anyway, ranting and b!tching aside- I have had a tough few days and a busy few weeks. I am shattered as can be and absolutely fatigued but today I was hit with a brilliant idea- an idea for one of the companies I am working with. This reminded me of the excitement of the first time I was taken in by the passion and tingles. The funny thing is I don’t recall what the idea was then, I do now but for strategy and NDA reasons cannot mention it, but it’s that feeling of pure exhilaration, the feeling of pure ‘this is it’, that feeling of amazingness that makes me feel so good today- almost as good as I did then! It’s amazing how little our feelings change for the same thing, despite the 15-20 odd years between the two moments (even if there were other such along the way).

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