5 people…

There’s this theory that you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time time with… I kinda agree with it but with a few questions to be asked:

1. Is it the five you share space with, even if there is no or little conversation, ie workmates?
2. Does a dog count?
3. Does the quality of the interactions affect the time spent definition?
4. When you have a big circle of friends and you only see a few regularly, but have better conversations with those you see very rarely, what defines the average?
5. Do phone calls count?
6. What if your bestfriends are not the ones you spend most time with but still the ones who understand you best?

My average changes constantly, as I suspect, does everybody’s so are we really an average of the 5… I do agree with birds of a feather more, personally. I always seem to surround myself with the type of people I want to be, I aspire to be, I like being with, I relate to and I can be me with but they may not always be the 5 I spend most time with!


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