Nov 7 Thursday: Letter

Dear TSG,

We met on a date- we had a great time, we chatted for hours, we texted for days, we knew what we had was special but we also learnt pretty damn quick, it wasn’t to be a romantic one… we could have walked away and let it be but somehow, we got through the hump and we became friends, very good friends- friends who don’t get enough time together but friends who love the time we do get, friends who share stories, friends who share secrets, friends who depend on each other. To be able to call your daughter my niece is a testament to the friendship we share. I am very happy you are a part of my life, for the laughs we share, for the stories we swap and for that we communicate even when we say nothing. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being a part, an important part, of my life.



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