Nov 5 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

It will be odd if I didn’t think of Diwali this week and more importantly, teen patti.

I will never the first time I was taken seriously at a game- we were playing at my mum’s cousin’s place and I was the youngest in the gang. I got a really good hand and knew it and kept playing. When it was down to the last two, the guy had a good hand and kept playing too- I knew I was on to a winner and he thought he was too… he was wrong and out of pity, he let the game end. Lucky him- I won. And I won big- big enough to pay for my whole holiday.

That year I learnt the saying “lucky in cards, unlucky in love”- I have till 2012, never lost in cards but then last year, I lost and I lost a lot. I have also never not had the option of a relationship below but this year, things changed. Coincidence, I presume.Either which way, seems to have worked out!

I wish I could have played a game this year but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Happy Diwali.

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