Oct 22: A Beautiful Moment

I remember the first time I kissed a guy, I remember the first time I fell in love and over the last while, I have been thinking of FL a little and realise I was very lucky to have lived that romance at the young age that I did.

Of course I miss him but I have lived longer without him than I did with him a part of my life and I am now with someone who I never compared him to yet somehow shares a lot of characteristics with. The way FL always made me feel amazingly special and wanted to help me whichever way he could is almost as awesome as the way Red makes me feel.

And what I truly adore is that though I was special to these guys, the way they care about all the people in their lives is fantastic and to know that you are sharing your (current and potentially future) life with someone that wonderful is most definitely one of the most beautiful moments and definitely a feeling I hope to relive again and again and again.


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