Oct 11 Friday: A catch up of all I missed during the week

Beautiful Moment

One of the most important factors of our lives are our friends. I am truly blessed to have the ones I do.

As I sat and discussed life with a few friends on Monday, I realised that even though some think they are close friends, they may never be and some take you by surprise. The pampering from The Shrew, the encouragement from Beautiful, the optimism from Goofy, the realism from Winnie- all make me realise I was lucky I realised the moment those acquaintances crossed over to the dark side. I am truly lucky.

There’s little a glass of wine, a few biscuits and a heart to heart cannot fix.

Person of the Week

Dear Housemate,

I have known you a year, we have shared many a laughs and we continue to do so. You provide me with hipster advice, a sounding board, laughs and just pure craic.

Delighted we are mates- here’s to many more fun adventures ahead of us!


The Week Gone By:

1. Caught up with 2 lecturers from my undergrad days
2. Delivered an excellent lecture
3. Created 2 new amazing strategies for some projects I am working on


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