Sep 17 Tuesday: A Brilliant Moment

So when I was learning to ride horses, for years I was made to stay in the smallest pen and do the basic foundations again & again & again. I used to see other riders go have fun and come back in from hacks, long hunt rides, roadside excursions etc and feel oh-so-jealous.

Then I finally graduated to the side who could do what I wanted and realised the beauty in having strong foundations! I realised I was lucky to have an instructor who taught me so well that I could push my limits and be really good at whatever I tried to do on a horseback.

I was reminded of that today as I tried to learn to ride a bike- all my horse-riding training is making  me instinctively do everything differently but I also realise, if I keep at it, I will master these foundations too and be a good (& safe) bike rider!


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