Aug 27 Tuesday: A Beautiful Moment

I went to a VERY competitive school- we were always pushed to be all-rounders- pushed to do well academically, pushed to try a sport, pushed to read, pushed into art, pushed into every little activity one could imagine- we weren’t allowed any downtime at all… in retrospect, I am delighted- it has made me into a well-informed person and given me the option to try a lot of different things.

There are many moments in my time in school that stand out- meeting political leaders, walking the Republic Day parade, winning medals and competitions but the one that stands out most is the day I became a school prefect-  not because I became one but because of the hug my principal and I shared- it was special- with everyone else, it had seemed the formal one but with me, it seemed to come from a place of caring and love for me as an individual.

And similarly on the final day of school when she said her words about each of us- I was the only one who got a special “I will miss you”- everyone else was told the school will miss them etc- I felt truly loved and appreciated by her in those 2 moments.

Even now, I am sure, if I see her, it will be a warm welcome and a tight hug- no longer will I be meeting her with fear but as an individual who owes her a lot- thank you MrsB- you know who  you are!


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